Red Light Skin Rejuvenation Launch

Fabutan announced today that they will begin offering Light Therapy anti-aging technology in select studios across Canada.

Light Therapy offers clientele a beauty regimen through exposure to Red and/or Blue LED Light generated by bulbs designed to emit a certain light frequency. The result of skin’s exposure to Red Light includes anti-aging benefits, firming and smoothing of the skin, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and increased collagen and elastin generation .Although the benefits of Light Therapy have been known for some time, it is the recent development of full body Red Light bulbs that has generated this opportunity for Fabutan studios

Teyden Haycroft, Marketing Director for Fabutan Sun Tan Studios commented on the natural progression of the company’s expansion into offering full body Light Therapy in studios. 

“Fabutan is continually searching for new ways in which we can offer our customers innovative health and beauty services within the Fabutan experience, and after many months of research and trials, we’re very pleased to announce that we will begin offering full body Red Light Therapy as the next innovation from Fabutan studios."

Light Therapy products and technology will be offered in eleven studio locations across Canada initially, with plans to expand to more locations throughout the year. In addition to the full body Red Light Therapy, many studios will also retail handheld Red and Blue Light technology units for at-home use.