Eyelash Extensions

Longer, thicker and fuller Lashes! Eyelash Extensions are a semi-permanent way of lengthening and thickening your natural Eyelashes without the need for mascara or curlers.

Hush Lash Studio offers Eyelash Extensions that are virtually weightless, and curved to replicate a natural Eyelash. These Lashes are water-resistant, weightless and utterly flawless. No one will ever guess you have Eyelash Extensions - those long, luxurious lashes are your little secret!

Hush Lash Studio is an exclusive partnership with Canada's #1 Lifestyle brand. Watch out for Hush Stylists showing up in Fabutan Studios all over Canada!

Customize Your Look


Thin or blonde lashes? Our natural look will enhance your eyes while maintaining a natural, make-up free look.


Add length and Volume to your natural Lashes - bye bye mascara!


Our longest, thickest, and most glamorous lash! Choose extra length, curl, volume, or even some colour and sparkles!

Hush Lash Studios

Before Your Lash Service

To maximize the time with your Lash Stylist, arrive at your service with clean eyes and follow these tips:

  • Remove all make-up, lotions, creams, oils and dirt from around your eyes.
  • Avoid wearing contacts to your service, and don't forget your glasses for the drive home!
  • Avoid curling your Eyelashes the day of your service.
  • Wait at least 48 hours after a Lash Removal, receiving chemical treatments such as tinting or perming to your Lashes, or any other activity or procedure that may have irritated your eyes.

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