Cozy Up To Winter

We're thrilled to see everyone out chasing away their winter blues, while having fun and cozying up to winter! Winter can be cold, icy and not always the nicest months, which is why it's so great to see everyone getting out there and enjoying themselves. A big congratulations to Cheryl on winning our Facebook Cozy Up To Winter contest!

Have a look at our top favorite photo submissions:

Cold Days, Warm Hearts:

What I love about winter is seeing the look on my kids faces when they get your see snow - Felicia
The way the trees look with ice and snow on them and drinking hot coco - Melody
I love winter for the beautiful drive home on a sunny day where the ground is sparkling and the hoarfrost is absolutly beautiful on the trees! It makes long drives so much more enjoyable because of the beautiful setting of prairie winters! - Jordyn
I love Winter because it's a nice reason to wear cozy clothing, enjoy comforting beverages and food, and warm up to our loved ones. Beautiful time of year that signifies love and warmth! - Chelsey