FAB Family Day Activities!!

From our FAB family to yours - Happy Family Day! We've compiled some ideas for you to keep you and your family entertained the whole day though and have the best family day ever! 

Build A Fort In Your Living Room

Break out the extra bedsheets, blankets and pillows and build a tent or fort right in your own living room. The great thing about this activity is that you already have anything you’ll need to make the magic happen. With a little imagination, the sheets and blankets draped over tables, couches, or chairs can become anything your child thinks up!

Have An Indoor Picnic 

This can be an activity done inside the fort! The kids will love that they aren't eating at the table and who doesn't love a good picnic! Maybe lay down a plastic table cloth so it’s worry/mess free.

Have Some Fun With Science 

There are so many simple science experiments you can do with your children! Some examples include:

  • Drop Pop Rocks into a bottle of soda and then place a balloon onto the opening to watch it inflate
  • Blow bubbles outside when temperatures dip to the single digits and watch them freeze.
  • Use lemon juice to make invisible ink that can only be seen when held up to a heat source.
  • Change how an egg floats or sinks in a glass by adding salt to the water.
  • Mix baking soda, vinegar, and glitter for a sparkly volcano. You can even add food coloring for a fun effect!

Have a 'Minute To Win IT' Tournament 

Minute to Win It games are perfect for all ages and can be so much fun for the competitive family! There are tons of ideas on google that use minimal materials and have a quick and easy set up!

Take The Family To An Outdoor Rink

Winter sports are some of the best sports, so take advantage of the cold weather by strapping on some skates and heading to your nearest outdoor rink.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Make up a fun story of how you found this really old map with clues that lead to the hidden treasure of whomever lived in the house before you! Make the clues creative and fun, you could even try the lemon water "invisible ink" science experiment for part of the clues, to reveal a part of the clue that "isn't" there! 

Go Tobogganing 

Grab your sleds, your friends, and your neighbours, and go tobogganing. Bonus points if you bring a thermos of hot chocolate! 

Free Events Around The City 

There is always something happening around the city for Family Day. Check out your City's website for more information on whats going on around your area!  

Check your Fabutan's availability/hours during the long weekend!

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