Fabutan Supports Teen Tanning Regulations

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios backs a new private member's bill that would amend Manitoba's Public Health Act requiring consumers younger than 18 years to obtain written consent from parents to tan. Canada's premier indoor tanning company already enforces a similar policy, requiring teens to obtain parental consent prior to indoor tanning.

"Fabutan has had strict self-imposed parental consent guidelines since 1992," said Mat Rockey, Fabutan's Vice President. "Our Teen Tan Plan program ensures franchisees uphold the teen tanning policy or they risk termination of their franchise agreement.
"It is heartening that the Manitoba government might take similar steps in public health," Rockey continued. "Fabutan has always believed decisions regarding teen tanning should be left to the teen's parents and our research tells us that a majority of Canadians believe this as well," he added.