Happy Father's Day 2017

Father's Day is a time to celebrate all the Father's in our life! These incredible dads are always  guiding us forward and never holding us back. Their love and kindness is like a light that shows us the way. A big thank you to everyone who entered our Father's Day contest, we can see why all your dads are FAB! Congratulations to Danielle for winning our Contest, we hope that your dad enjoys his FAB Father's Day gift. 

My dad is my best friend, we have lived together just the two of us for almost my entire life. i recently graduated university, and he spent so much time helping me with my homework, and was always there to make me a little happier when the stress became a bit too much!! i don't think i would have been able to do it without him! -Jasmine
He calls me every morning just to say "have a good day"! He makes up silly poems about my dogs and texts them to me just to make me laugh! He is kind, selfless and an all around wonderful guy - Danielle
My Dad is FAB because he isn't blood related to me. He has raised me and 3 of my siblings for no reason other than he loves me, my siblings and my Mother. I am FOREVER thankful that he is my Dad and that is because I have no idea what turn my life would have taken if he wasn't here. Thank you for being my Dad - Rachel L
My dad is just the best because all my life he's been there for me even when most people would have walked away my dad stood by my side . He taught me stand on my own two feet and never give up and always strive for what I believe in . He's the greatest man I know and I love him very much - Brenda M
The first time I ever met my Father was the day I was born, and ever since I've looked up to him as a role model, a leader, and a source of extra income. Few people know what they'd like to be when they grow up, but I know as long as I'm half the man my Father is, I'll be content - Jesse