Packing Checklist 2018

Chasing an endless summer? Here’s your ultimate Fabutan packing checklist for paradise. A complete sun-soaked packing list for the coast, marina or pool, wherever your vacation may take you! Best of all, it can save you money, since packing the right things now will keep you from having to repurchase items once you arrive. Our Travel Checklist includes: a Fabutan Base Tan, Bikini/Swimsuit, Flip -flops or Sandals, Sunglasses, Sun Hat, Sun Block, Aloe Vera and a Beach Book! 

Let Fabutan help you with your base tan for your trip! Many people feel they have to burn before they can tan. The fact is that every time you burn you damage your skin. If you have not tanned for a while, start at a lower exposure time and build up your exposure time slowly without burning, giving the pigment a chance to develop.

A base tan will allow you to stay outdoors in the sunshine for 2-4 times longer. (SPF 2-4). Minimize your chance of overexposure by always wearing sunscreen and moderating your time outdoors. Do not combine indoor and outdoor tanning on the same day and allow for a 24 hour time period to pass between sessions.

Accidental burn? You will need to completely avoid all UV exposure until the redness is gone. Take a lukewarm bath for 15 minutes every two hours to release the heat from the skin. You may try a moisturizer or aloe-based product to relieve the burn, but avoid oil-based products. They will provide temporary relief but the heat will be trapped in. First remove the heat, then moisturize.

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