Pumpkin Carvings

Halloween is a time for everyone to come together, and have fun! With candy on the table to give everyone motivation, and a fun wager in place, our Head Office team took to the challenge of creating some of the most unique pumpkins this year! Not only did our team have a great time carving pumpkins, but they also had fun dressing up as the big boss man himself this Halloween! Who do you think wore it best? 

We asked our team what was essential to pull off dressing up like the big boss man and this was some of their responses:

“It’s all about the East Coast Lifestyle! Luckily managed to borrow one from a friend that just returned from University in Nova Scotia." - Shelbi

"Slippers, Blue Jays hat and an actual baseball bat was a must for my costume. Every year around baseball season you'll see him rocking this attire." - Kyla.

"Black V neck, golf club and slippers are all essentials in the daily wear of the boss. All that was missing was a nice putting green in my office!" - Sarah