Summer Essential's Kit

This summer we wanted to treat one amazing client to the ultimate Summer Essentials Kit! What better way to start off summer than winning some amazing cool stuff, right? Our Marketing Team took to the challenge and put together their ideal Summer Essential Kit.

“Sunglasses and cold iced tea is a must for me on a hot summer day! Nothing is better than sitting by the lake with both of these, and a good book!” – Kyla
“I’m such a sucker for lounging on the patio with some snacks. Those little sunshine shaped sugar cookies and assorted candy are essentials for me on a relaxing summer day or while en route for a road-trip!” – Shelbi

The response we got from our Fabutan Summer Essentials Kit was amazing; so many people entered our contest, and even shared and liked our post on Facebook! The most inspiring part of this was finding out what everyone’s summer essential was: sunscreen, water, Spray Tans, lip gloss, sunglasses, family and friends, baseball cap, camping, etc.

"Summer essential is margaritas, a new bikini, and cool shades" – Chelsea J
"Sunshine, friends and camping" – Cheyene A

Congratulations Gabrielle on winning our Summer Essentials Kit! Keep an eye out for more great prizes coming your way from Fabutan!